Top Image - Sommet International de l'Éducation du Futur - International Summit of Education for the Future - Cumbre Internacional de la Educación del Futuro


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As an option for each ticket: the possibility to buy the conference pack at a very special rate until the end of the Summit.

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The Ticket

It will allow you to register for any of the days of the Summit,
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For each day choose one of the 4 possible tickets:

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It will give you the zoom link

IF YOU NEED TRANSLATION for the LIVE conference,
you must absolutely take a ticket to be present on the conference zoom.

Youtube Live and Replay

All lectures will be accessible on Youtube Live IN THE LANGUAGE OF THE SPEAKER. All you have to do is to go to our Youtube channel, at the day and time of the conference, and connect to the Live in progress.

Each of these lectures in their original language will be available in replay for 3 days

The translated lectures will only be available in the Packs

We are very sorry to inform you that the conferences of the first 2 days are not available in replay. We discovered that our usual browser stubbornly refused to allow connection to Youtube Live. They will be available in the SUMMIT Conferences package.

Zoom Link

PLEASE KEEP IT TO YOURSELF and do not pass it on to anyone else

Please understand that by sharing, even generously and kindly, the zoom link, you risk generating an excess of participants, and preventing some participants with a ticket from being able to join… not to mention the embarrassment and problems you could generate for us, as the zoom application is limited in the number of participants according to the package (which grows dizzyingly from ceiling to ceiling).