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Education, Resilience and New Models

Marianne Sébastien

Marianne Sébastien


International Summit of Education for the FutureTRADUCTIONInternational Summit of Education for the Future

Vedananda Pandeya

Vedananda Pandeya


International Summit of Education for the FutureTRADUCTION
Sommet International de l'Éducation du Futur

Noemi Paymal

Noemi Paymal


International Summit of Education for the FutureTRADUCTIONSommet International de l'Éducation du Futur

Solen Penchèvre

Solen Penchèvre


Sommet International de l'Éducation du FuturTRADUCTIONInternational Summit of Education for the Future

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Marianne Sébastien – Switzerland

Marianne Sébastien


Musician, singer, voice midwife, therapist and entrepreneur, Marianne Sébastien is the founder of Voix Libres International, which is developing a society of solidarity with the poorest in Bolivia.

Expressing the power of love through the voice, revealing the deep secrets of our history and transgressing ancient prohibitions by daring to finally proclaim a legitimate freedom. To give our inner child the right to sing its full potential and the joy of opening a new chapter in its life.

Voix Libres
Founded in 1993, Voix Libres has reached more than two million people living in the mines, streets or rubbish dumps of Bolivia. More than 120,000 families have benefited from interest-free micro-credits and have developed greater autonomy and confidence.

In the process, a new society of solidarity has emerged where slaves become entrepreneurs… a participatory democracy where everything starts from the smallest… from the inner strength and deep potential of each person released by voice… No social and economic development without inner development and without love.

A “Children’s Government” has been formed and is being trained in human rights, singing, theatre, self-defence and the creation of projects and businesses for the good of their communities. Of the 500 employees of the Voix Libres Foundation, the majority are young people who have been through hell.

Marianne Sébastien has received numerous awards including the 2017 International Society for Human Rights Award


A new model of caring society created by the poorest

Richness and lessons from a human adventure where slaves are now entrepreneurs and leaders. They are transforming laws, training the police and army in non-violence and leading projects in Bolivia. When the latter become decision-makers, then democracy finds meaning and love finds its place.

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Vedananda Pandeya – Nepal

Vedananda Pandeya


Vedananda grew up at the Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir in Nepal, an educational ashram based on the Integral Yoga taught by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. This organisation enables 250 children and young people from the most disadvantaged backgrounds in Nepal to attend school, from kindergarten to university, while learning the Life and skills necessary to become a fulfilled and dignified human being: cooking, organic farming, cow herding, handicrafts, yogas and arts.

After completing his studies in mathematics and physics in Germany, he started working as the director of Sri Matri Aurobindo Vidyalaya, the ashram school, at the age of 24.

He did not attend a formal school until he was 12 years old in 2004, when the state-recognised ashram school was opened in Nepal. From then on, while attending his classes, he taught the younger children in the lower classes what he had already learned.

Passionate about education, he enjoys finding different pedagogical approaches to help the younger generation become lifelong learners, promoting alternative education and has a deep interest in sustainable communities through his ashram life.
He spends most of his time with the young children and students of the ashram, enjoys playing the guitar and tabla, and organising various international educational events.


Integral education according to the teachings of Mother and Sri Aurobindo

Practical experiences in the educational ashram in Nepal

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Noemi Paymal – Bolivia – France

Noemi Paymal


Noemi Paymal is a French anthropologist and founder of Educatiooon 3000 (Pedagooogia 3000 in Spanish) and Siriooos Project.

She is the President of the Pedagooogia 3000 / Educatiooon 3000 International Foundation in Uruguay, and co-director of the Multi-U in Uruguay and in Bolivia.

Researcher and international speaker, Noemi Paymal has hosted over 2200 events on the 5 continents and has produced more than 500 programmes on line, free of charge on Youtube.

She is the author of 13 books on Education, 13 pocket books, 50 pedagogical exercise books, among other material available for free on our websites.


Multi-University 3000 4000 5000

Multi-U 3000 4000 5000 and the 5 continents Campus for Peace is a proposal of University for the third millennium. It presents 13 holistic academic innovative careers for the third millennium, whose purpose is the activation of the gifts and talents of the human beings in order to co-create a new society of peace that we named the 13 Pillar Society.

It is based on the book “Multi U” by Noemi Paymal and Educatiooon 3000 4000 5000, and is part of a bigger project called Siriooos Project. Welcome!

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Intuiteurs sans Frontières – France

Intuiteurs sans Frontières


Bénédicte Fumey, co-creator & french ambassador of the New Earth Manifesto, co-directs, with Romain Brasseau, Intuiteurs sans Frontières, the association organizing this round table. Intuiteurs sans Frontières seeks to change the way humans considers animals and other living beings by promoting Education With-In Nature to:

  • reveal children’s full potential as human beings,
  • guide them towards what animates them deeply,
  • bring to light their life mission.

This unique connection with themselves (their nature) and Nature allows them to keep and further develop their full intuitive and comprehensive natural skills inherited at birth time.

Solène Mukhande Penchèvre

A long quest for inner truth and freedom led her to seek answers within different traditions, holistic thinkers and life communities – Gurdjieff, CG Jung, yoga, indigenous communities in the Amazon, ufologists in Brazil, Aurovillian and Vedic communities, Kundalini Yoga, Integral Kriya Yoga, dietary transition, primitive energy…

Over time, she has rediscovered her singular mission to be a weaver in the service of many different sub-groups of humanity. In 2006, she founded Yogash to bridge the gap between ancestral values and modern lifestyles, an organization renamed GaiaTree. She is developing the project of a digital encyclopedia of traditional knowledge, with the aim of encouraging new integrative pedagogies for all ages, reinforcing the rights of Nature and stimulating new economic circuits.

Round Table

Education With-In Nature

The place of meditation and the conscious body in improving connectivity with Nature
A look at the evolution of native Amazonian communities uprooted from their connectivity to the Living, following their contact with our societies… Observation of children from our societies brought into contact with Nature according to the protocols of the first traditions… and evocation of the eight-point Lifestyle Program of the Peace Embassy.