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Education, Infinity and Incarnation

Christina Von Dreien

Christina Von Dreien


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Claire Durand

Claire Durand


International Summit of Education for the FutureTRADUCTIONInternational Summit of Education for the Future

I. Lang & K. Czimmek

I. Lang & K. Czimmek


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Abel M

Abel M


Sommet International de l'Éducation du FuturTRADUCTIONInternational Summit of Education for the Future

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Christina Von Dreien – Switzerland

Christina Von Dreien


Christina is a twenty-one year old woman with multidimensional consciousness and other paranormal abilities. She manages them naturally, as they are nothing more than side effects of her true nature. She belongs to a new generation of young evolutionary thinkers and is distinguished by her supreme ethics, evident wisdom and deep inner peace. Christina is a woman of our time – committed in her heart – and ready to put her life at the service of global change that will lead to a positive and constructive outcome.

She says she remembers what the doctors said when she was born. She says she is here to help us expand our consciousness, because with a broader perspective we could understand for ourselves what is wrong with our planet today. Then we would be able to develop new solutions and perspectives in all aspects of life that will be successful in the long run

Nicola Good has been in contact with higher dimensional planes since childhood and has had a deep sense of awareness and knowledge. On her personal journey through life she has found answers to life’s most fascinating questions. Nicola has studied the spiritual worlds for over 30 years with great spiritual teachers and has trained in various healing models. Her mission now is to make the awareness of her personal knowledge available to people.

She has been working alongside Christina von Dreien for four years and feels blessed to be able to share Christina’s knowledge with the world.


Deep down, we have always been love

This is who we really are and who we have always been

“We have always been divine and multidimensional beings. What is really in us is love. The only thing that prevents us from feeling love is certain types of beliefs, blocks and expectations. Deep down, we have always been love. When we awaken and our consciousness expands, it doesn’t mean that we are evolving, but that we remember who we really are and who we have always been.”

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Claire Durand – Quebec

Claire Durand


Visionary, Founder, Trainer.
Midwife, nurse specialised in perinatal care, accompanier in all stages of life; Mum and Grandmother.

Creator of a Training in Metaphysical Care: Teaching and Practice.
Founder of a “Centre of Consciousness”, set up 38 years ago to prepare future parents and individuals in a journey of awakening and opening to the “New Consciousness”.

Claire communicates with souls before their incarnation.
She accompanies individuals on their Path of Consciousness so that they find their “Life Plan” on Earth.

These conscious souls: children and adults are :

  • Leaders” of the New Earth,
  • Agents” of change, of transformation, of transmutation.

All these souls come to install the “New Earth”!

His message for the New Earth :


“From beyond the veil”

The Children of the New Earth

Their incarnation path, from infinity to birth, through conception and intrauterine life

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Inglind Lang & Karsten Czimmek – Germany

Inglind Lang & Karsten Czimmek


Priska Maria Broese

Ambassador and bridge builder of the new earth, she is an event and festival organiser, yoga teacher and corporate mediator. She is currently focusing on the development of spaces for young and old – the new villages for Bavaria and Austria.

With the Living Earth Academy platform, she and many others are providing knowledge and development spaces for the new era.

For this special event on babies and early childhood, she has invited:

Inglind Lang

A relationship pedagogue and relationship therapist, she has been supervising educational teams in various institutions since 1995.
Since 2009, she has been offering support to adults via image and form therapy and to ‘special’ children via relationship-oriented play therapy. Since 2017, she has founded and facilitated playgroups “babies and young children with their parents”

“Just as every seed “knows” which plant it will grow into, we humans also have this being guided from within. In order to be able to develop our potential, we need sensitive, secure bonds and relationships with the people we live with and who accompany us in life. From the first moment we need respect, recognition, and joy in our uniquenes.”

Karsten Czimmek

He studied theology, philosophy and mathematics before becoming an educator.

His long experience in pedagogy led him to become director of the Montessori kindergarten Niederseeon since 1996 and to offer further training and coaching to childcare professionals.

He is a founding member of Wege der Entfaltung e.V. (Munich), and of Pikler Association Europe e.V.

“At the heart of our work is each individual human being, with their inherent need to express themselves and bring into reality the essence of their own being. We consider education to be essentially a question of self-building (the German word Bildung means education as well as constituting in the sense of forming and image-making). This requires constantly and radically re-thinking things from the standpoint of the child, in order to foster their personal development. At the same time, we strive to provide the children with orientation, from a humanistic point of view, to help them learn to navigate between their own interests and those of others in the situations that arise in everyday life together.”


Mindfulness Education with babies and toddlers up to 6 years

On the path initiated by Emmi Pikler, Hungarian pediatrician and innovator of the last century

All experiences in the first years of life shape attitudes towards life, personal convictions and belief patterns. How can we accompany newborns, infants and young children so that they can form and develop a free, self-confident and fun-loving personality?
How can the experiences and knowledge of pioneering pedagogues in the field of infant and young child education, such as Emmi Pikler, be put into practice and further developed?

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Abel M – France

Abel M


Founder and organiser of the International Summit of Education for the Future – ISEFF 2022
Initiator and Co-founder of the International Web Conference on Democratic Education – WebIDEC 2020.

Pedagogue and Teacher
Fallen into a pot of educational potion, he has been teaching mathematics and skiing since the age of 12. From snow sports to clowning, from teaching in primary schools to training therapists, and from innovative experiences to pedagogical creativity, he has rediscovered the foundations of universal pedagogy.

Adventurer of different economies
Since 2006, he has been experimenting with different economic approaches in the course of his life adventures… discovering along the way a new economic paradigm: the Don economy.

Writer and author, composer, performer.
He wrote and edited in 2019 the incredible destiny of Yogi Ramchandra Das “The Child of the Himalayas” (Maybe, this book will exist in English soon?).
Author of 2 books (in French) on the practice and pedagogy of skiing and board sports: “À Corps et à Skis” – “1500 exercises and games of alpine skiing, monoskiing and surfing”
He founded Orâma, a music group based on mantras and sacred chants from around the world, which has produced 3 albums: « VibrationsAmba MãAu Cœur du Monde »


Universal Pedagogy

A way of learning living pedagogy and of full listening

A sharing as a journey to the heart of a pedagogical adventure started in childhood… a passionate and creative path towards the Essential! An invitation to follow the inner GPS, at school as in life, and to marvel at the perfection of the Great Pedagogue Supreme.