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News 2022-02-21

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On this Monday, February 21, Mother’s birthday (Mira Alfassa), I am very happy to officially launch the vast planetary information movement to make the event known to as many people as possible. The International Summit of Education for the future belongs to everyone, in every country, everywhere in the world.

The Mother of Pondicherry is the starting point of this fantastic adventure: I was living in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Nepal when this strong inspiration, filled with Power, came to me in the early morning of a day in July 2020.

Since the beginning of February, the organisation of the event has been intensifying strongly. Many exciting speakers are already scheduled. Various enriching partnerships are being put in place: the news, to be discovered below, are numerous.

I wish you divine days. May you, like this International Summit of Education for the future, dare to dream all your dreams and implement your deepest aspirations. I’ll tell you a secret: at the beginning, I had decided NEVER to get involved in such an organisation again. It’s a lot of work and a total service that requires dedication. But human limitations and fears always give way to the power of such inspirations.

With all my heart



These first two weeks of February were devoted, among other things, to the production of the video presentation of the summit… with the means at hand, my mobile phone and some images gleaned here and there.



To prepare for the April event, the International Summit of Education for the Future invites you to 3 LIVE events, ONLINE, on 24th and 28th of ebruary and on 18th of March.


Thursday, February 24th at 6.30 pm – CET time
With Armelle SIX
English translation: Satyanna Chris Luken

Who is my child beyond my beliefs, expectations and possible projections?

We think we are what we see, what we do, what we have learned. By this, we often miss the possible encounter with the other and with love.
During this meditative conference, I will invite you to put aside all the beliefs of who your child is, what he does, what goes or does not go with him and to meet him in his essence. To meet him is to meet yourself.

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Meditative Conference with Armelle Six


Monday, February 28th at 4.30pm – CET time
With Abel MILLOT
English translation: Abhinav Agarwal

The Evolution Game

We only use 10% of our brain. This fact has been known for a long time. What intelligence is hidden in the unused 90%? Is it active in our lives? And how? What would life be like if we used our brains beyond that 10%? What would the notion of work be then? The economy? Education?

I invite you to join me on a journey to the heart of the Game of Life, the Game of Evolution… to share a very real journey of life!

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The Evolution Game - Conference by Abel Millot


Friday, March 18th at 4.30pm – CET time
With Fabienne COURMONT

Isadora Duncan and the dance of the future

“There is no better way to put happiness in the hearts of the children of the than to teach them to dance. Let me be entrusted with five hundred, a thousand children, and I will make them do wonderful things! wonderful things!
The child is spontaneous harmony, total purity; it is the virgin clay in which joy can in which joy, life and nature can be imprinted. All children are capable of dancing if we know how to guide them, if we make them understand what dance should be. if you make them understand what dance should be.”
Isadora Duncan

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Dance Conference with Fabienne Courmont


Living Earth and the New Earth Manifesto are the new partners of the International Summit of Education for the Future. They are going to do what they can to make part of the summit available in German AND Spanish.

They invite as many people as possible to a Great Collective Visualisation

The 22.2.2022 at 20:22
CET (Central Est Time)

When many, many people connect in their hearts and together direct their attention to the vision of an intact, healthy and vibrant world, we trigger a strong vibratory power from the heart that is 5000 times stronger than the energy of the mind. We then become the active creators of the world we want.

We invite you to watch the NEW EARTH MANIFESTO video on 22.2.2022 at 20:22. Watch and activate in you the images of the New Living Earth – see, hear, feel, smell and taste the images and dive into the beautiful life that awaits us.

This Tuesday, February 22, the video will be available in English, French and German to watch with your friends or family at 8:22 pm

Participating in the New Earth Visualization


The International Summit of Education for the Future is funded by the generosity of all. If this adventure touches you… if you wish to support its organisation… we would be very happy to receive your financial contribution. The ocean of abundance is just a huge collection of drops of water!

Participate in the Generous Solidarity Funding


“No cause is futile if it is just.
Don’t think that what you can do is not enough. Every little bit helps. Everything is welcome…even the smallest help.”

John W. Scoville and Neale Donald Walsh

Can you think of a friend who might be interested in this summit? Pass the information on to them. Who knows what kind of benefits it could bring? Perhaps it will be a new beginning for him… for her… in his life… in her life? Maybe this information will go from hand to hand and be the start of a new school for someone… an incredible innovation… or the contact with a patron who will want to support the realisation of this summit?

Every little thing you can do is important. Do it to the best of your ability. It can be the start of a miracle for you… or for others.
This is the magic of life.
Thank you for being who you are and for manifesting it.
In these times, it is really precious.

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Huguette Helmann Foundation – Belgium – Patron Partner
We are grateful to the Huguette Helmann Foundation for funding the simultaneous translation of all conferences by a team of professionals, allowing the International Summit of Education for the future to be accessible in French AND English.

Evelyne Martin Lounge – France – India – Benefactor Partner
We are grateful to Evelyne Martin Lounge, creator of Integral Regeneration®, who is funding part of the technical platform for the event.