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Christmas Newsletter

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What has happened since the beginning?

The International Summit of Education for the Future project was born at the end of April 2021.

It received a very good response from the first speakers contacted. The first information about its existence came out at the end of September. Since then, spontaneous registrations have started on the website. We also received many messages of gratitude for this initiative.

Challenges to grow and evolve

Many obstacles appeared on the organisational side from the end of the summer: the famous virus… many administrative and organisational setbacks. So much so that in the last month of November, the question arose whether to persist, postpone or abandon.
The intuition of a few speakers was called upon.
Thanks to Michaël Szyper and Armelle Six for their support during this period.
Thanks to the School of Reality for its involvement in the organisation of the summit.

A new stage and adjustments

  • We had to give up the Spanish translation of the lectures that will be on the programme… and the speakers speaking in Spanish. We have not found any solution to implement these Spanish translations with the other two languages. However, if a miracle happens, we can always take up this option.
  • We have also had to abandon the desire to raise funds to support schools around the world. The organisation of this fundraising appeal has proved impossible to implement as things stand. But here too, a miracle could change things.
  • Faced with the closure of schools in their countries, our main partner decided to become as discreet as possible in order to be able to continue to act on the ground. They have withdrawn from the organising team… but some of their speakers will still be present in April… and some members continue to support the event.

A new start and good news

  • A Belgian foundation will finance the simultaneous translations (with professionals) of all the conferences from English to French and from French to English.
    Thanks to the Huguette Helmann Foundation for this valuable support.
  • We finally know the technical solution for the organisation of the summit. We will use Zoom Events. This is a new solution. The others proved to be too expensive.
  • Some thirty speakers have already agreed to be present.
  • Two studios – one in Nepal, one in France – are being hired for this summit. They will allow for television-style presentations of the speakers and small interludes of dance with the young people of the Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir Ashram or music with friends in France where the studio will be held.
  • 750 registrations have been registered spontaneously through the website since the beginning of October.
  • The community platform has been opened. It is in English. It aims to bring together the actors of creative and innovative education. It will allow to share resources (articles, links, videos, images…), to link with each other, to organise meetings, etc.
  • The e-learning platform is slowly coming into its own. It is a complex tool to implement but we are on the right track.

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We are not an organisation or a company used to putting on big events. We are simply a team of people who are passionate about the meaning of life and education. We launched ourselves into the void without any safety nets… without any leads or financial guarantees…
We give ourselves totally without restraint and with all our heart. This is our Yoga of selfless action (Karma Yoga).

We see many things that can help
in the organisation of the International Future Education Summit…
things that we will not be able to do if we work alone.

We are aware that in the end
the summit will go ahead as it should…
and that everything will happen as it should.


to RECOVER the funds needed to organise the summit

  • Researching and canvassing possible support from various organisations
  • Research and approach possible sponsors
  • Set up a GoFundMe campaign
  • Set up a solidarity ticketing service
  • Set up a crowdfunding campaign (and find ideas for compensation)
  • All other initiatives

to disseminate the information from the summit in various networks

  • Promote the Summit at events in which you participate (trade fairs, meetings, events, etc.)
  • Inform your professional or personal networks about the event
  • Reach out and inform different networks related to education or with a strong interest in the subject
  • Any other initiatives

to spread the word about the summit in ALL COUNTRIES of the WORLD

  • Network and inform different free media in the world
  • Put us in contact with people who could become CORRESPONDENTS in their country… partners…
  • All other creative ideas

of the International Summit of Education for the Future

to FEED the Education of the Future BLOG

  • Post interesting articles (found on the web or that you have on hand)
  • Send us links to posts, articles, videos, etc.
  • Translate and post from one language to another

We use WordPress and the DIVI theme.
Abel can train those who have the inclination and time to commit to editing articles.

See the blog

to make the SOCIAL NETWORKS of the Education of the Future come ALIVE


  1. The community platform, accessible to all
  2. A Facebook page
  3. An Instagram account
  4. A Linkedin page


  • Become co-administrators of our networks and post interesting articles on education (with a link to the summit website).
  • Post articles from the Education of the Future blog on your pages (with hashtags)
  • Translate posts from one page to another in French or English
  • Open and maintain other networks
  • All other initiatives…

the BEST of yourself in life and in the world