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Letter to the Speakers

Infinite gratitude for your presence at this Summit!

Icone - ISEFF 2022

As we share and receive feedback… as we go through the process of creation and organisation…. it becomes more and more clear that the International Summit of Education for the Future is part of a vast and profound movement of evolution, carried by an ever-increasing intensity.

The more this manifests itself, the more curious I am to see what will happen.
I am like a child: eyes wide with wonder, watching all these little miracles and magical synchronicities unfolding before my eyes like a fireworks display… a movement and magic that seems to multiply and accelerate as we move towards Spring.

I am curious to see what will happen next!


The spirit of the International Summit of Education for the Future is starting to take clear shape through an immense work of meetings and exchanges and consideration of various feedback.
Monday, February 21st proved to be an important day:
It was the birthday of Auroville’s Mother (Mira Alfassa, visionary and founder).
I had planned since early January to launch the Summit’s communication on February 20th. That was the date when I thought I could be ready. I worked intensely to make the video, and write the press releases so that everything would be ready for that date without having at all realized that by coincidence, only one day later than planned, the video and press releases were sent out on February 21st, Mother’s birthday!

This delightful coincidence reminded me that I had been living at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Nepal when, on an early morning in July 2020, the inspiration to hold the International Summit of Education for the Future first came to me. A great Force came with this inspiration. It was clearly from Source. Life did not allow for me to implement it in autumn 2020, and instead I was called to put myself at the service of the Web International Democracy Education Conference. But I ended up so exhausted from this adventure that I promised myself I would NEVER do this kind of event again. I had given up on the International Summit of Education for the Future.

However, Life had not yet finished with this inspiration.
A few months later, in the spring of 2021, through a combination of incredible circumstances, I found myself living with Abhi, an Indian who had spent his entire childhood and schooling at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. And from this meeting was born again, like a phoenix, the International Summit of Education for the Future.
That fall, while everything was blocked at the organizational level, to the point that I did not know whether to postpone or cancel the event, the small miracles of Life once again revived the summit, but this meant that I had to give up the Spanish language. But new miracles are happening lately to propel the summit to something I had not even imagined. To be continued.

As you can see, this adventure is not a personal project. I have agreed to dedicate myself body and soul, as best as I can, to the Summit. At the beginning, I only had a tiny professional address book and no contacts in the media. I am simply the thread of a giant divine treasure hunt game. I serve this Force that acts and I have no idea of its destination. This adventure is like a huge boat with its own destiny, and I have invited you to come on board. THANK YOU for being on this journey.

Life is an immeasurable Intelligence. It has the art of giving us trials, challenges, confrontations, leaps into the void, failures… but also the successes and the encouragements necessary to invite us to become who we really are, to evolve in consciousness, wisdom, love and peace… The spirit of the Summit is to be a reflection of this immeasurable Intelligence and of Life’s Pedagogy.


In the spirit that grew from this story, was born my prayer for your conferences:
May you share from the depths of your heart and soul what drives you on the path of your expertise. May your words be animated by the immense Life Force that moves us forward and may you thus take your audience on a journey into the heart of life and into an education that is alive and vibrant!
May all that you share touch their hearts and make their cells vibrate.

Deep gratitude for your presence.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Following the last experiences, I invite you, to the best of your possibility, to have a microphone held by a small stand in front of your mouth. Earbud headphones with the microphone hanging 2 cm on the wire are not the best solution as it rubs on your clothes or hair and floods the audio with frequent SHHHH — SHHH or untimely TACC every time it is bumped.

If this is your only option, you must continuously hold the little microphone in front of your mouth to prevent this excessively annoying noise to our auditors. PLEASE watch out for your fingers making a loud noise to everyone listening every time they touch that little microphone.

Headphones with a microphone arm are perfect… but I agree, not always elegant!

THANK YOU for being aware that you will be translated simultaneously. An audio channel will allow users to hear you (reduced sound) while hearing the translation at normal volume. We have tested this. It works very well. The translators are professionals. So you can speak normally, at a normal speaking rhythm.

For your conference PLEASE do not resort to using Power-Point with text, as this method is not very lively. Please note that any videos you would like to share will also have to be translated simultaneously if there are voices.

To share photos and images: no problem

Thank you for testifying
, during your conference, how Life’s Intelligence has worked in your own life to bring you to this time and space and evolution and how you have been guided on the path of your expertise.

Thus, all participants will receive:
✓ on the one hand: the fruit of all your experience and expertise,
✓ on the other hand: how the Intelligence of Life works in everyone and how much the difficulties and unforeseen events of life can be a source of great wealth and evolution when you are willing to learn and grow with it.


The next step in my work is the presentation of all the speakers.
Each day of the summit will have a web page presenting the speakers scheduled for that day and their order in that day’s program.


I really need all the necessary elements to be sent to me before the 15th of March.

This summit is a huge job.
THANK YOU so much for not waiting until last moment to send it to me:

  • a biography (about 15 lines) you would like to offer to the internet users for this summit
  • 2 photos of yourself: one in a portrait format + one in a landscape format (to make your conference posters)
    WARNING: high quality photos, meaning + or – 2 Mb = 2000 Kb
  • the title of the conference
  • the description of the conference (3 or 4 lines)


  • Links to your website(s) AND to your social networks
  • Logo and name of your school, company, activity… or other
  • Projects which are of importance to you and which you would like to particularly support. I will be happy to relay them.

This whole summit is a vast collective movement. Its full expansion will be the fruit of that wonderful phenomenon: from mouth to ear which we call here in France, the Arabic telephone. In India it is referred to as the Chinese telephone, and perhaps there are other metaphors worldwide for this phenomenon!

THANK YOU very much for helping to promote the event in your newsletters, on your websites, your social networks and at all your public events. The more communication and dissemination of information in all countries in the world, the more all people on the planet will be able to benefit from the inspirations that this event will offer.

In any case, it will be all perfect!

HERE are all the links you may need to spread around the world










To share the Poster and Press Release


The International Summit of Education for the Future, is a LIVE, ONLINE and OFFERED to ALL event, in all countries, on all continents.

It’s taking place from the 20th to the 30th of April 2022.

It’s bringing together around fifty speakers from all over the world, specialists in education of course, but also inspiring people whose experiences, vision, background and wisdom can be a magnificent asset for the world of education, people from different backgrounds like arts, philosophy, agriculture, sport, architecture, science, and economics…

Thanks to the Huguette Helmann Foundation, which is financing the translation of all the conferences simultaneously by a team of professionals: each speaker will be accessible in English AND in French.
For more information, please visit:


I have been working for several days on the press file where I present each speaker in 4 lines with :

  • the sentence that is on the “Speakers page of the website” which gives the atmosphere of your conference — I tried to write a sentence which could include both the theme of your conference and at same time give an idea of what is fulfilling your life.
  • a few words to introduce your background and your role in the world.

I am doing my best. PLEASE validate OR SEND me the necessary CHANGES concerning YOUR presentation. If you can also understand the press file in french language, please also check the translation. I will update this as soon as possible.

Below is the link to the current PDF.


Press file in French


To date, the Summit budget is 48% covered.
We still need 13,000 € to cover the entire budget, which includes 5 months of salary for Abel. He is working more than full time without counting hours, totally dedicated to this mission, without having any other resources.

In addition to this, we need to acquire a rather large extra budget in order to offer as many conferences as possible in German and Spanish.

If you know people who could and would be open to supporting the Summit… or if you know someone who could take care of the fundraising: Your Assistance is Greatly Welcomed!


Our collaborators

The New Earth Manifesto – Europe
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, let’s build a new model that will make the old one useless” Buckminster Fuller.
On this basis, the New Earth Manifesto proposes a vision and concrete actions to implement a harmonious, joyful and united world, at the service of each and every person, of all humanity, of all kingdoms, of the planet… and heaven.

Our financial partners

Fondation Huguette Helmann – Belgium – Patron Partner
The foundation finances the simultaneous translation of all the conferences by a team of professionals, allowing the International Summit of Education for the Future to be accessible in French AND in English

Evelyne Martin Louge – France – India – Benefactor Partner
Creator of Integral Regeneration®, she finances part of the technical platform of the event. It is by deploying the synergy between the power of Ayurveda and the connection to Prana, that she has developed this new approach to health.

Divine Himalayan – Nepal – Support Partner
Specialized in the collection, research and distribution of various Himalayan products, such as wild cliff honey, yarsa gumba, shilajit or tea and turmeric from the high mountains, Divine Himalayan finances the Summit newsletters.

Our partners disseminators

Isabelle Duffaud – France – Les Nouveaux Mondes

Emeline Genot  – France – USA – Le Sommet de l’Éducation

Le Souffle d’Or – France

Alexandre Rojey & Pénélope Morin – France  – Vers la société du sens

Éducatiooon 3000 – International Network


The event is centred around the hours that allow us to reach the whole world. I am aware that many people will not be available at these times. The conferences, in the language of the speaker, will be streamed on YouTube Live. Replays will be available for 2 or 3 days. For the audio translations, we will have to record and edit them…

All the conferences will be available in each language in the form of packs. The translated lectures will therefore only be available in the packs, not in replay. Unless a new miracle makes it possible to record them live and make them immediately available. But at this time, it is impossible to find any solution. If you know people who know how to do this and could help: your assistance would be greatly welcomed!

Do you agree to have your conference included in the packages?
Feel free to answer clearly YES or NO.

Each of you will of course receive, if you wish, access to the conference pack in your own language, depending on the language, will include all or part of all the conferences.

The packs intended for the public will be accessible in return for a adjusted financial contribution, so that these packs can be accessible to all, in all countries, whatever the standard of living and income. This is the initial intention. But everything is open.
If you have a hunch (or several) about this: welcome!

For the time being, the income from these packs will be dedicated to the organisation of a future summit. Initially, I thought that the summit could be organized every 2 years in order to take a break to have time. At the moment I don’t know, as I shared, where this adventure is going. We will see.


In the spirit of the summit, and in its continuity, all that will be shared at the summit continues to live on dynamically,

we want to implement an E-Learning Hub,
a platform of online courses and trainings who have a worldwide impact.

One proposal is to draw out different themes from all the conferences AND, from there, to develop various courses and trainings by using excerpts and adds to the chosen themes.

First, this requires your permission to use.

Second, you need to feel confident that it will be done in the best and most relevant way.

Finally, it’s a HUGE job for which Abel’s hunches, neurons and little laptop won’t be enough.

Of course, for this E-Learning Hub,
this proposal could sit alongside or even be combined with specially designed courses and training.


  • To enable children and students from all over the world to discover and study all sorts of exciting subjects…
  • To enable teachers, parents, educators and other professionals to develop their educational practices…
  • To make your expertise and sharing at the summit available to the widest possible audience on 5 continents, and create the greatest vision
  • In short, to offer students, young and old, and the world of education, 1000 dynamic and inspiring resources.

What do you think?

Would you agree that the recording of your conference could be used in this way?

13. SUMMIT WHITE PAPER - If you know any groups, schools or universities that could help

From the outset, we have been planning to produce a white paper of the summit

The idea is to bring together a group of volunteers and/or students from all over the world… even from schools or universities, whose job would be to listen to all the conferences, to make a synthesis of each one by highlighting the essential points… 3 to 4 pages per conference… and to highlight the common points of all the conferences: the synthesis of the syntheses… to make the White Paper of the Summit

If you know any groups or structures that might be interested in this as part of their studies, please pass on the project to them and invite them to get in touch with me.


We have created a community platform to allow all summit participants and education enthusiasts to connect with each other and exchange and even collaborate by sharing informations and resources. It is in a English language environment.

Your links to articles, videos, and other relevant projects are welcome to feed this platform and make it attractive enough before the start of the summit so it can launch easily and naturally.

Join the platform:


A THOUSAND THANKS for all your connections with inspiring people around the world.

INFINITE GRATITUDE for your presence at the Summit