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We don’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children

In this chaotic world,
it is time to work to give back to the children a healthier world and a sustainable future.

Icone - ISEFF 2022
Children are
the future of the world

Children are the generations of a new humanity.

A humanity where ethics, unity, empathy, altruism, joy, generosity and collective and planetary interest will be the basic values of every human being and of all individual and collective undertakings.

Adults are
the archers of the present

Every parent, every educator… and every teacher is like an archer shooting the arrows (children) of renewal.

Future generations are built on our examples, our words and our actions.

A summit for all

The education of the future is the breeding ground for conscious and dignified human beings, confident and joyful, deeply respectful of all realms, of all peoples, of nature and its diversity, of the planet and all its resources!
Welcome to all children, students, parents, grandparents, teachers, educators, coaches, etc.

ISEFF 2022 - Merci


The International Summit on the Education of the Future is a WEB event that will take place from 20 to 30 April 2022.
The objective is to bring together about 50 speakers, some well known for their expertise in education, others for their knowledge and wisdom through their discipline: philosophy, dance, music, science, health, etc. Speakers who agree to share their experience by linking it to the theme of education.
It will be offered in the three main languages of the world: English, French and Spanish


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Wednesday 20th April 2022


Registration for the International Summit of Education for the Future is now open.
Do not wait! You will be informed about the progress of the event.


The International Summit of Education for the Future will be fully inclusive and free to attend
in order to be open to all countries and reach as many people as possible across continents.

It will be based on the gifting economy in order to financially support different schools in the world,
schools that are or could be leaders in their country, in the world, for the education of the future. We have different projects with Nepal, India, South America, Africa, Middle East, China…

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Do you have the impulse to support, in one way or another
the International Summit of Education for the Future?

Disseminate information, help with the organisation, look for sponsors…

Become hummingbirds of Education for the Future!


If you have a question, a proposal, a hunch… or any other impulse… send us a note!

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To thank you for your attention and interest,

here are the links to the talks of

Web IDEC 2020

Abel, founder of the International Summit of Education for the Future, Veda and Ramchandra, scheduled keynote speakers, and all the children and youth of the Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir, also a partner of this summit, organised, in October and November 2020 the International Democratic Education Conference.

To be enjoyed

The Blue Declaration : a message from the children of the world… to the world

Declaration was adopted by the International Summit of Education for the Future as the foundation for the event.