Top Image - Sommet International de l'Éducation du Futur - International Summit of Education for the Future - Cumbre Internacional de la Educación del Futuro


We did not inherit the earth from our ancestors,
we borrowed it from our children.

Icone - ISEFF 2022

In this chaotic and incoherent world,
everyone is valuable in giving our children back
a healthier world and a sustainable future.


Children are
the future of the world

Children are the generations of humanity to come… a humanity where it is more and more urgent…

that… ethics, solidarity, empathy, altruism, joy, generosity and collective and planetary interest are the basic values of human beings and of all individual and collective undertakings.

Adults are
the archers of the present

Every parent, every educator… and every teacher is like an archer shooting the arrows of the world to come. Children are the arrows of the future.

They are built on our examples, our words and our actions. They will give back to the world the strengths as well as the weaknesses that we have shown them.

Words create
ideas, visions and experiences

We hope that the words of this summit will be the seeds of a new world.

May they help to shape human beings who are conscious and dignified human beings, confident and joyful, deeply respectful of all kingdoms in nature, of all peoples, of nature and its diversity, of the planet and all its resources!


International Summit of
Education for the Future is for
all children, students, parents,
grandparents, teachers, educators,
coaches, etc. from all over the world
whatever their background
in education
and school!

We are aware that many different projects are trying to emerge or develop around the world. We are aware that the various national education systems are seeking to evolve to keep up with the changing nature of people and things in the world.
The International Summit of Education for the Future offers an opportunity for each and every education system to discover, or to deepen, new paths and ideas, and even new perspectives for its own evolution.


The International Summit of Education for the Future brought together
some sixty speakers from around the world:


creators and innovators from
the paths of expertise in education

explorers and pioneers from
the paths of innovation, creativity and learning

inspiring people from
the paths of wisdom

people coming from different horizons: arts, beekeeping, agriculture, architecture, sciences, economy, astrology, etc.

Icone - ISEFF 2022

The professionalism of the simultaneous translations,
and the incredible richness of all these conferences
offer a vast and varied horizon of points of view,
very complete, which make it at the end:


an intensive training
in conscious parenting,

to help children become
the best version of themselves
and offer their talents to the world

a real professional training
for all teachers, educators or
other education professionals,

who care about the future
of the world and humanity

an individual training
for the future Life
conscious and great

through touching and
inspiring experiences

Faced with this richness, we have decided
to make all the conferences accessible to the whole world
in French and English, but also sometimes in German and Spanish.

Icone - ISEFF 2022

Discover the vision of inspiring actors of change
for a meaningful future, a flourishing humanity and a breathing earth!

One thing is certain:
your life, and through you, those of your children or grandchildren,
will never be the same after listening to all these conferences.

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This event is not the fruit of a company, an organisation or a network.

It was started by a passionate pedagogue, who simply answered the call of his soul.
He was joined over time by other enthusiasts who wholeheartedly agreed to embark with him
on this intense and incredible adventure.

It took 12 months and 2000 hours of work… weeks and weeks without the slightest rest…
and an ever-increasing faith in order to overcome the obstacles, the unforeseen and the apparent impossibilities.

It is financed by
the generosity of each and everyone

Icone - ISEFF 2022


21st February 2023 for the first 4 conferences online

Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds









Let’s work together

to give our children a balanced, healthy and sustainable earth…

to offer our descendants a peaceful, united and ethical humanity, centered on the good of each and everyone and of the planet…

to create a radiant future and to volatilize the WALL towards which the human species is rushing today.

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The vast majority of the photos used on the International Summit of Education for the Future website are from the Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir

Thanks to Laxman Bhusal and all the children and youth of the ashram for the beauty in the photographer’s eye and in each other’s eyes.