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ISEFF 2022


We did not inherit the earth from our parents, we have borrowed it from our kids.

In this chaotic world, it is time to work to give back to the children a healthier world and a sustainable future.


Join us for the

International Summit

of Education for the Future

– ISEFF 2022 –

Children are the future of the world.

They are the generations of a new humanity where ethics, unity, empathy, altruism, joy, generosity and collective and planetary interest will be the basic values of every human being and of all individual and collective undertakings.

Every parent, educator and teacher is an archer who shoots the arrows of renewal: future generations are nurtured by our examples, our words and our actions.


ISEFF is for all those who are interested in an education for a conscious and dignified humanity, confident and joyful, deeply respectful of all realms, of all peoples, of nature and its diversity, of the planet and all its resources!


20th April 2022

2 pm – Geenwich
7 am – Los Angeles / 10 am – Montreal / 3 pm – London
4 pm – Paris / 7:30 pm – Delhi / 12 midnight – Sydney

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ISEFF 2022

Participate in the organization of the web event (translation, curation, coordination)
Organize a national or regional event on the Education of the Future
Participate in the communication and dissemination of the event
Support the event financially


Abel M, founder of the Summit and the Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir, partner of ISEFF 2022,
organised, in October and November 2020,
the International Democratic Education Conference


ISEFF 2022

You will be informed about the progress of the event and the various upcoming events