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of the International Summit of Education for the Future

Our partners collaborator

Coco & Catharina & Bénédicte & Priska & Valeria – Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany & Spain
« You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. » Buckminster Fuller. On this basis, the New Earth Manifesto proposes a vision and concrete actions to implement a harmonious, joyful and united world, at the service of each and every person, of all humanity, of all kingdoms, of the planet… and of heaven.

« It is no longer about me or you. It is about US. It’s about how WE imagine our world TOMORROW, together. Because by nurturing these thoughts, developing the feeling for them and feeling the love for them in our hearts, we create it » The Manifesto Team.

Satyanna Chris Luken – France
Evolutionary Education Solutions based on the foundations of the I-WE (Imagine Wisdom Education) method through Chakras Yoga Kids workshops in person and internationally via the internet, card games and trainings for Parents and Teachers, to facilitate I-We Game.

I-We Game allows children to grow up with other children as in a large indigenous family or village, where the older people share their stories, passions and knowledge with the younger ones, where each member of the ‘village’ offers their time and energy for the group, each in turn, for the betterment of all!

Sabine Devlieger – ONG Peace and Heart-Kindness in Action – France
Sabine and her collaborators are developing and implementing an educational method and programmes based on the intelligence of large trees and forests:

  • to enable all children in the world to experience peace,
  • and to encourage the optimisation of individual and collective potential, in the harmonious respect of Nature and the peaceful nature of Man.

To this end, their mission is to develop the study, elaboration and sustainable implementation of support and prevention programmes, and creative and innovative cross-cultural solutions.

One of the great strengths of this method is that it generates tools of extraordinary simplicity and efficiency, resulting from more than 25 years of research, scientifically tested and proven, and applied in the field in countries in zones of armed conflict and great precariousness.

Our funding partners

Fondation Huguette Helmann – Belgium – Patron Partner
We are grateful to the Huguette Helmann Foundation for funding the simultaneous translation of all conferences by a team of professionals, allowing the International Summit of Education for the Future to be accessible in French AND English.

Fondation Huguette Helmann

Denise Scotto – International Day of Yoga Committee – USA
The International Day of Yoga Committee at the United Nations raises awareness of the benefits of the science and the fullness of yoga and spiritual practices. Yoga reaffirms the dignity and worth of the human person and our interdependence to our Earth and all life.

We bring attention to the UN General Assembly Resolution marking 21 June as World Yoga Day and assists the international community in implementing it.

We highlight yoga’s contribution to unity, intercultural understanding and cooperation, strengthening our world peace and non-violence.

We collaborate with the United Nations Organization System, the Permanent Missions to the United Nations, NGOs, medical and health experts, yoga practitioners and yoga related businesses, charitable foundations and civil society.

Evelyne Martin Louge – France – India – Benefactor Partner
All our gratitude to Evelyne Martin Lounge, creator of the Integral Regeneration®, who finances part of the technical platform of the event. It is in the heart of the Himalayas, in Rishikesh in 2019, that during one of her many trips to India, Evelyne discovered the power of Ayurveda and the connection to Prana. Barely trained in this medicine, she also discovered and then trained in what she named Integral Nutrition. By deploying the synergy of these two worlds, she created Integral Regeneration.

Our broadcasting partners

Isabelle Duffaud – France – Les Nouveaux Mondes
The New Worlds Association, born in 2008, bridges the gap between ancient wisdoms and new sciences and offers year-round programs, workshops, conferences and meetings on all approaches to consciousness and tools useful for transmutations for the future, whether individual, collective or societal. It relays on its website and by sending newsletters, partner announcements, its programs and its selection of articles to more than 10 000 subscribers.

Les Nouveaux Mondes - Diffusion d'informations

Emeline Genot  – France – USA – Le Sommet de l’Éducation
Mother of 3 young children in unschooling, editor for the magazine Grandir Autrement, passionate about learning, creativity in many forms and nature, she had the impetus, at the end of 2020, to create the Education Summit, thought as a festival… an event that would bring keys and tracks to accompany children (including their inner children!) in the freedom to be themselves, in the cultivation of their own talents and in the joy to live, create and act together.

Les Nouveaux Mondes - Diffusion d'informations

Yves Michel  – France  – Le Souffle d’Or
The purpose of Le Souffle d’Or is to enable each person to make conscious choices. They publish practical books, testimonies, essays, music and games in the fields of human sciences. They explore new concepts and techniques in a rigorous and open approach. Through the Yves Michel brand, they also propose a reflection particularly focused on civil society, ecology, economy and health. This is the extension of the Souffle d’Or to the societal sphere.

Éditions Le Souffle d'Or

Alexandre Rojey & Pénélope Morin – France  – Vers la société du sens
Through a multidisciplinary, intergenerational and systemic approach, based on a concrete, common vision and solid references, « Towards a Meaningful Society » is a unique work. Rather than giving a partisan point of view, it encourages reflection by taking a step back and allowing for a broad opening.

Éditions Le Souffle d'Or