Top Image - Sommet International de l'Éducation du Futur - International Summit of Education for the Future - Cumbre Internacional de la Educación del Futuro

Generous Solidarity Funding

The International Summit of Education for the Future is offered to the world to be accessible to all, in all countries, on all continents. It is funded by the generosity of each one.

If this adventure touches you… if you wish to support its organisation… we would be very happy to receive your financial support. The ocean of abundance is just a huge collection of drops of water!

Here are the different ways you can support the realization of this extra-ordinary event
With all our gratitude

An initial budget of €24,000 for the whole project

40% was financed by the Huguette Helmann Foundation, which provided simultaneous translations of the vast majority of the conferences into French and English by a team of professionals. Satyanna Chris Luken and some other non-professional translators completed this team of extraordinary translators.

20% of the costs were financed jointly by a few people who were deeply touched by the quality of the summit: Abhinav Agarwal and his friends from the Aimeraudes project, Evelyne Martin Louge and Denise Scotto

8% was financed by the generosity of the participants

Alain Bezançon, founder of Discernaction in Quebec, donated a new laptop computer to replace the one that died 4 days before the summit began.


  1. TO financially support Abel who has used his limited savings to dedicate himself full time to this intense mission.
  2. TO financially support Kelly who is post-producing the hundred or so video conferences (and as many podcasts) while homeschooling her three children.
  3. TO fund new translations into French or English (re-translations and new lectures)
  4. TO fund the implementation of new conferences
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We have opened a Wise Account in the name of Education for the Future. This allows us to receive your generous contribution in Euro, British Pound, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar and Australian Dollar.

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Support Abel who has dedicated himself body and soul to this summit, devoting all his time to it for months. Your donations are its only resources.

You can make a donation to Education for the Future by transferring money directly from your bank to ours… but the cost of the transfer will be higher than using Wise


Let’s work together

to give our children a balanced, healthy and sustainable earth…

to offer our descendants a peaceful, united and ethical humanity, centered on the good of each and everyone and of the planet…

to create a radiant future and to volatilize the WALL towards which the human species is rushing today.