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A few words of introduction

The International Summit of Education for the Future is a global, inclusive and supportive web event, in French and English, which will take place from 20 to 30 April 2022.

It will bring together some fifty speakers, of course lecturers for their expertise, but also inspiring beings – spiritual teachers, scientists, artists, etc. – whose pathways of learning and wisdom can be a great asset to the world of education… unique beings, creators of tomorrow’s world, who will share their experiences and their vision of the education of the future

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Request for Support

For the organization of this event and its outreach,
the organising team warmly welcomes all partners
who wish to make the summit possible and to be associated
with this essential and meaningful theme of the Education of the Future.
See below…

Why “Education for the Future”?

The International Summit on the Education of the Future’s goal is to promote, throughout the world, the implementation of an education that participates in the advent of a new humanity centered on values of ethics, generosity, self-sacrifice and peace, a humanity anchored in wisdom, balance and harmony, in solidarity and responsibility for all and for the planet…

We do not inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children.

In line with this beautiful Amerindian wisdom, it is more and more urgent to act to give back to OUR CHILDREN a WORLD that has a HEALTHY and VIABLE future in all its dimensions for the greater good of ALL humans and the planet. Every initiative and every project in this direction is precious. We are working to ensure that this summit is an important milestone in this evolution.

How is this going to work?

  1. The online summit: April 20-30, 2022
    •  It will be the entire conference programme.
    • Musical and dance interludes will provide inspiring breaks.
    • The whole event is free for all, in all countries
    • It is a solidarity event in order to raise the necessary budget for its realisation
  2. The “Festival off” of the Education of the Future, from 1st May to 8th May.
    • A wiki space will allow everyone to independently create a web event: mini-conferences, round tables, workshops, sharing, guided tours, shows, etc.
    • All the web events created will be visible on a calendar of the “Festival Off”.
    • The Baobab Café, a dynamic space of conviviality and sharing, will be set up and open at certain times to welcome and allow summit participants to exchange and network in French, English or Spanish.

Things to know

Frequency of the summit

Our initial vision is to hold the International Summit of Education for the Future every 2-3 years.

Deliverables of the summit

White paper

A synthesis of all the conferences will result in the White Paper of the International Summit of Education for the Future

After the summit

Linking and resource platform

An online platform is being developed so that all participants in the summit, be they schoolchildren, students, teachers, trainers or parents, and especially schools, can get in touch with each other and exchange and even collaborate by sharing information and resources.

E-learning platform

An e-learning and training platform will be developed:

  • on the one side, to enhance the value of the summit conferences and the tools they present, with the agreement, or even the partnership, of the speakers;
  • on the other side, to make available a variety of resources for innovative schools around the world, including innovative best practices in education according to the objectives and values of the summit.

The various partnerships and our commitment

Our commitment

We are at the service of this event.
In the same spirit, we are at the service of our partners.
We will therefore do our best to support your wishes and needs in this partnership with you.

The commitment of the partners

  1. Communication partner: disseminate the information : newsletters, blog, trade fairs, conferences or events
  2. Financial partner: participate financially, for an amount of at least 200€, in the organization of the summit
  3. Benefactor: participate financially, for an amount of at least 2000€, in the organization of the summit
  4. Patron: participate financially, for an amount of at least 5000€, in the organization of the summit