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News 2022-02-21

EDITORIAL On this Monday, February 21, Mother's birthday (Mira Alfassa), I am very happy to officially launch the vast planetary information movement to make the event known to as many people as possible. The International Summit of Education for the future belongs to...

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Christmas Newsletter

What has happened since the beginning? The International Summit of Education for the Future project was born at the end of April 2021. It received a very good response from the first speakers contacted. The first information about its existence came out at the end of...

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Ribbon Breath

One of the key elements in our future is to help children understand the divinity in their own DNA and how intricate this is to our development as divine beings on this planet.

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The legend of the hummingbird

Hummingbirds of the Education of the Future The Hummingbird Movement Created in 2007 under the impetus of Pierre Rabhi, Cyril Dion and a few close friends, Hummingbirds mobilises for the construction of an ecological and human society. At the heart of the movement is...

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Iceland – An Inspiring Policy

Teenagers, alcohol, cigarettes and stimulants. In the mid-1990s, Icelandic teenagers were among the most drinkers and smokers in Europe.Today, Iceland leads the way as the healthiest country in Europe for teenagers (13-19 year olds)! How did this happen? Icelandic...

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Clear Minded Children

Having a clear mind is something we all desire. The quietness and stillness of remaining in a state of the ever present now. In over 10 years of teaching children techniques to still the mind and create calm amidst any storm, one of the most beautiful moments is when...

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Positive Education and Resilience

From silence to expression... Among the poor in Bolivia, there are no appropriate structures for early childhood... Of course there are kindergartens, but they are mainly reserved for a wealthy segment of the population. When the children arrive from the mines or from...

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