Top Image - Sommet International de l'Éducation du Futur - International Summit of Education for the Future - Cumbre Internacional de la Educación del Futuro


Our Partners

To organize the International Summit of Education for the Future, we are working to create a pool of convergent, concerned and motivated partnerships.

The enthusiastic responses of several speakers immediately confirmed the relevance of such an event which enriches the various approaches to education by opening up to scientists, philosophers, farmers, actors in ecology and transition, artists, etc., beings who are inspired and inspiring for the future of education.

The International Summit of Education for the Future is an obvious choice.
It resonates with the fundamental needs and challenges of today’s world:

  • to give our children and grandchildren a world that is sustainable in the long term,
  • to pass on to them a healthy and viable future for all, for all kingdoms and for the planet,
  • to give the first place to the values of giving, altruism and solidarity in all the individual, social, economic and political dimensions of humanity.

Why to become a partner?

The future of humanity and the world is an increasingly important issue, and one that is even more essential in the current health crisis.

Supporting the International Summit of Education for the Future,

  • it is to affirm one’s interest in taking care of the future of our children, grandchildren and beyond
  • it is to be clearly part of an evolutionary and conscious perspective of humanity,
  • it is to state an inclusive philosophy and deeply positive convictions,
  • it is to join a great movement of global transition,
  • it is to support the necessary and vital evolution of education,
  • it is to participate in giving back to each child and each being his or her true dimension of Human Being.

The various partnerships and our respective commitments

Our commitment

We are at the service of this event.
In the same spirit, we are at the service of our partners.
We will therefore do our best to support your wishes and needs in this partnership with you.

Your commitment

  1. Disseminator – You disseminate information about the event : newsletters, blog, trade fairs, conferences, or events.
  2. Support – You finance, for a minimum amount of 200 €, the organization of the summit.
  3. Benefactor – You finance, for a minimum amount of 2000 €, the organisation of the summit.
  4. Patron – You finance, for a minimum amount of 5000 €, the organisation of the summit.

Our budget

At the beginning of 2022, we have covered 50% of our budget. This allows us to guarantee simultaneous professional translations of all conferences and basic subscriptions to the various platforms.

The remaining 50% of the budget is for full subscriptions, adjusted to the event, summit operations, communication and other costs.