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Ribbon Breath

by | Awareness

Imagery connecting children to their DNA

Children in mainstream education, Australia have been learning this simple technique to help with stress by relaxing the vagus nerve and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. On a deeper level the imagery of this beautiful technique brings children in tune with their DNA and the magic of this within their body.

The Ribbon Breath – as it is affectionately termed was developed intuitively by Vicki (co-founder of Clear Minded For Life).  ‘When I first developed this technique I was in a classroom of kindergarten children who identify best with playful and imaginative concepts. We were practising our breathing techniques to remain calm in any situation when I showed them what is now called the Ribbon Breath.  Since then we have been teaching this technique to children in kindergartens and primary schools across Australia as an easy to remember and effective way to help if they are feeling overwhelmed, worried or uncomfortable at home or school. ‘By coupling imagery with deep breathing children are engaged in the process and they find it super easy to recall. Creating techniques that children can remember unprompted whether at home, in a classroom or playground is core to Clear Minded For Life. The Ribbon Breath is by far one of the best techniques because children love it and they find it so easy they even teach it to their younger siblings at home.

Physiologically the Ribbon Breath is connecting with the vagus nerve and the central core of the energetic system of the child. As they raise their hand from below the belly button up the centre line of their body they are tracing the energy channel, creating a natural connection with the flow of energy within.  All of this is done on one long in breath.

On the outbreath children use their hand to trace a ribbon as if they are breathing out this beautiful coloured ribbon.  As we know the ribbon is symbolic of our DNA. In this simple self-directed movement the children feel the movement of the ribbon and observe it as it swishes in visualised colour before their eyes. At the conclusion of the out breath we cross the midline of the body and pass the ribbon into the other hand and start the process again. Completing the ribbon breath after 3 passes the ribbon is linking left and right hemispheres of the brain and body.

One of the key elements in our future is to help children understand the divinity in their own DNA and how intricate this is to our development as divine beings on this planet.

Although not necessarily recognised by the conscious mind, as the child engages the technique pathways in the brain are firing and the mind catapults forth into the void of limitless potentials, the birthing of new future DNA, and the innate knowingness of the divine being within.

By introducing this technique into mainstream schools, children are gifted with an experience connecting them intuitively with their own divinity. With time we will be able to explain more to the teachers, schools, and children about what this means for them as people of the future.