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Clear Minded Children

by | Awareness

Having a clear mind is something we all desire. The quietness and stillness of remaining in a state of the ever present now.

In over 10 years of teaching children techniques to still the mind and create calm amidst any storm, one of the most beautiful moments is when a child of 5 or 6 can sit in a busy classroom and self-regulate by taking three deep breaths.

As it is observed, the moment the child reaches into their subconscious and taps into the stillness they are innately aware of the divinity within. It is this connection that builds the self-confidence in their own intuitive wisdom, their ability to find the truth inside themselves and ultimately trust who they are.

When we work with children in class this way the aim is to bring this confidence out in each and every child, independent of their background or circumstances.  To watch a child close their eyes momentarily and trust that they are safe, held in a non-judgemental and loving environment and able to explore their own deeper mind and awareness through the stillness is magnificent.

Three deep breaths is all it takes…
(to oxygenate the brain, calm the nervous system and help find the clear mind within)