Things that Affect the Prices of Iron on Patches

embroidered patchesFor people looking to reproduce their logos, custom embroidered patches are one of the best and inexpensive options they should consider. It also provides convenience since they will no longer need to have their logos stitched on their garments. This is also a good way to save money. The variety of clothes and items on which iron on patches can be applied to is quite vast. This kind of versatility makes it a good branding strategy which is why most companies and organizations apply them on their uniforms. Among the best things about these patches is that they can feature a higher level of detail in their design compared to direct embroidery since they are sewn into twill fabrics which are more stable.

Lots of people order iron on patches without having much knowledge about them. It is easier to get the best out of your orders if you have more knowledge about the parts and types of custom patches. Through this, you can be certain that they will serve their purpose well. This can also shorten the process of ordering them and you will be able to have the assurance that their designs will look at their best. We are able to provide you with various suggestions for your designs if you opt to purchase from us but it is still best if you can figure out just how you want your patches to look like.

Percentage of embroidery coverage, size and quantity are the three main factors that affect the price of the patches. These are basically among the first things people should be mindful of before purchasing custom patches. We guide the clients who are looking to purchase patches on how they are priced. We provide a more detailed info on our website and we give them free quotes as well so they will be guided on the pricing.

Our company provides a cheaper cost per unit depending on the quantity of patches being ordered by our clients.

This is a good reason for them to purchase in bulk. We have a minimum order size for patches. We also accept orders below that number but with a fixed manufacturing cost. If you think that in the near future you will be needing more of the same custom patches you are planning to purchase, it would be better to have that margin in advance not just to cut the cost but also to save time. Keep in mind that each order takes time and in cases when clients need their custom patches right away, they will have to opt for a rush order.

The size of the actual embroidered patches is the second thing that contributes to how they are priced. Iron on patches can be manufactured with different shapes and you literally have lots of shapes to choose from. Whether you are planning to go for shields, circles, squares, dragons or pentagons, the size will still be determined the same way. We simply add the height and width and divide them by two. It is wrong to assume that the size of patches are based on their actual area. This is the standard calculation that all of the manufacturers follow. Just follow this instead of using a basic geometric method of finding the area of patches when calculating for the costs.

The coverage of the embroidery that should be applied to your iron on patches is the third major factor in pricing. Patches that need a lesser amount of embroidery will cost lesser than those that are completely covered since embroidery takes time and thread. The breakdown of prices are based on the 50%, 75% and 100% coverage categories. It is best to pick the right color of twill fabric in order to reduce the embroidery coverage needed for your design. However, if you are looking to create a highly attractive batch of patches, 100% embroidery coverage can certainly serve you well. The outcome may vary depending on the design of the custom patches but they will definitely be more desirable compared to those with a lesser embroidery coverage.

There are a few more things that can affect the prices of one’s orders. This includes the features and add-ons. If you are looking for more info to be guided with your orders, you can simply check our site or ask a quote. We can also help you with your designs, ensuring that they will look as clear and as clean as possible when embroidered on the twill fabrics. Place your orders now to be certain that you will get them in the proper time.

Value-added Services Of An Excellent PCB Assembly Company

Many small and medium enterprises spend thousands in hiring the services of a PCB assembly contractor. Most of them complain on poor quality of the electronic boards that they receive because they do not know what demands to make or what tasks to expect from these companies.

In this article, we try to explain the tasks that you should expect from your assembly contractor. So that the next time, you sign an assembly contract you know if you are getting what you are paying for.

First, your assembly contractor improves your product design’s functionality and efficiency. Although the designing process is your responsibility, an assembly company that can provide an improvement to your PCB design is a plus. Having an assembly supplier who could point out the mistakes or tell an improvement on your design certainly saves you more money.

How can this task save you money? When an assembly contractor is an expert in the electronics industry and dedicated in providing quality services to customers like you, they would try to remove unnecessary or redundant electronic parts without sacrificing the overall functionality of the design you want.

PCB Assembly

In a PCB assembly, the process is not just about achieving functionality. It is also about attaining efficiency that could bring more income to your company through the savings you might earn. The next time you renew the contract with your current assembly company, evaluate whether this company has provided you value-added services.

Second, your contractor should be capable of scouting for supplier who can deliver quality electronic parts and use the best technology to perform the assembly. As a small and medium enterprise, finding the best suppliers of electronic parts and establishing a business relationship with them is difficult due to capital constraints. It will take years before you can achieve such business goals.

Thus, you need to look for a contractor who has the experience and is operating for years in the PCB assembly industry. A company that possesses the experience and a list of good suppliers would likely provide you with excellent quality parts. They would likely help you find alternative solutions when your existing suppliers fail to deliver the components you need.

Pcb fabricationMoreover, choosing an assembly company with experience combined with excellent technology eliminates the need for expensive equipment. You could enjoy the benefits of having the best in the electronics industry by hiring the right company to do the assembly for you. You could deliver quality output to your consumers without having to invest on research and development research to enhance your PCB and its design because the assembly company has this department.

Lastly, your assembly contractor offers comprehensive and value added services. The majority of PCB assembly companies think that their job ends when they deliver the final product. For us, it does not end there. When we produce electronic boards for you, we make sure that we help you until you could satisfactorily deliver the products you order from us. Our services extend to testing the PCBs for defect and repairing them when needed.

Although we guarantee that all our products are in excellent quality once they reach you, we will be glad to entertain any returns you send us. As long as the defect is manufacturing related, we will definitely find out the cause of the defect and aid you in finding the solutions of the defects. This way, we could avoid the same mistakes on the next batch.

Aside from this, we ensure that we help you along the way, from the time we accept your order until you present the product to your own customers. We are not going to intervene with how you manage manufacturing and assembly issues. However, when we think that you need our help, we may ask for permission to be of service until we could find the perfect solutions to your issues related to your order with us.


The PCB assembly is an ongoing process. It does not end when we deliver your order. We provide services that help you from the start until the end. When we see flaws with your design schematics, we communicate these flaws and provide solutions to avoid extra costs on repairs and returns from your consumers.

We are a leading company in the assembly industry and we have big customers who orders from us. However, when a small and medium enterprise like you would want our service, we deliver the same quality services that we offer to our big clients because we promote equality in our company.

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Printed circuit boards have turned into a vital part of an extensive variety of hardware, figuring gadgets, vehicles, apparatuses, and other electronic contraptions. are provide the information about PCB.

Your Guide In Customizing Coins At

A Brief History of Challenge Coins

Challenge coins, also called military coins, have a rich history. Many claimed that it was originated from the World War I; others argued that it was years before that. According to some sources, challenge coins are as old as metal.

The reason why they became popular in World War I is the story associated with it. It was said that an American pilot was saved because of these military coins that bear the insignia of his squadron. That story inspired the different military units and organizations to create a coin that represent their units.

Challenge Coin

Why was it called challenge coins? It is because of the game created from it, the “Coin Check”. It is usually done when the military units are finished with their duties. A challenger will challenge another member of his unit to present his coin. If the challenged carried the coin with him and was able to present it, the challenger has to buy him a drink; otherwise, the challenged has to buy his entire unit a drink. If the challenger or the challenged fail to do their consequence, they shall turn in their coin.

Military coins are also used to commemorate events and special services. They are the usual tokens for the outstanding units and members of military. They are also used as souvenirs for the war veterans. Many men and women in the service were actually collecting these coins.

Customizing Challenge Coins

Challenge coins achieve popularity after the advancement in manufacturing processes. Here at, we use the most efficient and high-tech equipment to ensure that we are able to cater to our customers’ needs. We always produce quality military and challenge coins.

Also, we encourage our customers to customize their coins. Anyone can now create their own coins that would serve as their organizations’ insignia. Custom challenge coins can be used for any purpose. They are useful for both profitable and non-profitable organizations. Even special organizations can employ custom coins to represent them.

custom coins

Our talented team of designers here at can help you, customers, find ideas and create the design for your special custom coins. You can now customize not only the design of the coin, but the coin itself.

Here is a guide to help you.

1. Choose your coins.

All of our coins are made of metal. What type of metal to use is up to you. We have polished metals of gold, silver, brass, and copper. Polished metals have gleaming effect. They are usually for recognition purposes.

We also have antique metals of gold, silver, brass, and copper. These materials are perfect for souvenir coins. Historical military coins are usually antique. Coin collectors like these kinds of coins more that the polished ones. We also offer duo tone metals and black nickel metals.

2. Choose the shape of your coins.

Coins are traditionally circular but know that not everyone opt for traditional. For that reason, we give our customers a freedom to alter the shape of their coins. You may have it in square, diamond, oblong, triangle, or heart shape. If you want to go bolder, we can follow the outline of your design to act as the shape of your coin.

custom military coins

You can have a challenge coin in the shape of a house, shoe, cup, bag, ribbon, animal, tree, fruit, and etc.

3. Choose the cut edge of your military coins.

For customers who want more elegance on their coins, we offer our different kinds of cut edge. This option is ideal for traditional circular coins that you want to elevate. Cut edges give the coins attractive borders that are also engraved on the coins.

You may choose our standard edge if you opt for a minimalistic design; otherwise, pick from rope cut edge, weave cut edge, oblique cut edge, and cross cut edge.

4. Choose your coins’ image or logo.

challenge coinsHere at, we give our customers full freedom to create their design or the image and texts that are to be applied on their custom coins. Although, as mentioned, we have a design team that is always willing to guide you. They will inform you if there is a problem with your chosen design like for example, it is too intricate to be legible or the color combination is not ideal. The font styles and sizes are also up to you.

5. Choose your coins’ case.

A little trivia: the coin carried by the American pilot back in World War I was inside a small leather pouch that he attached around his neck. Special coins, of course, are intended to be placed on special cases as well.

Our standard case is a clear PVC pouch. It is ideal for those who are in a budget. The case will protect your custom coins from dust and dirt. If you are to give the coin to your friends or family members, it is best to put them on customized imprinted clear pouch. We also have velvet boxes and bags, and fit-to-shape cases.

Digging Deeper at

Businesses find a new way to market their products and make sure that they can reach out to each and every one as their potential customers. World Wide Web is now a big market to those who are up to sell their product and those who are up to buy these items. Name it; surely Google has it for you. This opens up doors for new and small entrepreneurs. This makes them realize that catering to several customers is limitless.

A new website in the business world arises as it offers customized lanyard imprints for companies and organization all around the US. Let’s take a closer look on the new website, which reaches out to some of the known companies, digging deeper at

Companies and organizations nowadays find a new advertising strategy to make the world know about their existence and that is by having their members wear lanyards. Lanyards are now customized to make sure that they carry the name whenever, wherever. provides a wide range of lanyards that perfectly suit the needs of small and big companies and organizations. Our website made it easy to design and order lanyards in just one click.

imagesThey say first impression last. As soon as you click that link, it will direct you to the website’s homepage. It houses the summary regarding what the site is in store for you – from the inclusion in every order, to lanyard styles, up to the freebies we are offering. Shortcut links are also displayed to make navigation simpler and easier. It also provides on other options to reach us either via phone call thru our toll free hotline, social media pages, and sending us an email.

Certain design matches certain a type. Here at, we make sure that every customer will be able to match their colors to their imprints to the lanyard type they’ll be choosing. Lanyard Style page house all of the lanyard type available and how they look like to get a better hint on what suits their custom imprints. Customer are being guided also by clickable images that further show details on the specific type, such as polyester, nylon, tubular, woven, dye sub and cord lanyards.

Information on how much each lanyard cost is presented on the Pricing page. Each varies depending on the type, size, and quantity. This page also provides pricing for add-ons such as lanyard attachments and other options.

We want to give our customers a sneak peek on how our products look like. With that, sample image from our previous produced lanyards are being posted on the Gallery page. Simply click on the image to get a detailed view of the sample. Customers can also request a physical sample of our lanyards by calling or emailing us.

A new feature was added, and that is the Lanyard Builder, which you can use if you want to order customized versions of the lanyard. This page is subdivided into three parts: first is to select the lanyard type, width and quantity, second is to select attachments and lanyard add-ons if preferred, and lastly is to customize the lanyard color, imprints pattern, text and color. No worries in building your own lanyard as guides for sizes and detailed information about the attachments and add-ons are present on this page. houses a wide range of colors and types of lanyard options and we understand that customer may be undecided and confused on what to choose. Some would like to see how their customized lanyards will look like and how much it will cost them. To get them a better understanding, we provide free quote and art, which allows them to select from the options available.

landyardPricing and final look of the lanyard will base on the options they have selected on this page. This information will be sent via email so they can check, request change if necessary and approve the proof. A full Pan-tone Solid Coated Swatch Library is also available for the complete line of color options.

At, we always ensure that every detail is being discussed with our customers. Terms and Conditions are also view-able along with Frequently Asked Questions.

In line with this, contact details, such as toll free hotline and email address are being displayed to let them know how and where they can reach us should there be any further questions.

A 100% satisfaction is guaranteed from the look and feel of the website up to the finished product ordered from us. This is why we take pride of how we do by posting client’s testimonials in each and every part of the website, although we never settle for less so we continuously improve the site to better serve and ensure that all of your lanyards needs are stored here with us. provides a wide range of lanyards that perfectly suit the needs of small and big companies and organizations.

Why Choose Discount Golf Clubs?

According to an online poll, golf is definitely number one on the list of “nine sports for rich people.” Golf is an expensive sport for several reasons. The first reason has to do with the course that golfers play on. A lot of money is spent by golf course developers in making the course as interesting and exciting as possible. Grass needs to be a certain length in different parts of the golf course; water needs to be pumped into ponds and through fountains, sand needs to be continuously raked for a “manicured” appearance, along with almost everything. Furthermore, a lot of money is needed to maintain such artificial conditions.

golf accessoriesThe second thing that makes golf “only for the wealthy” in the eyes of some is the equipment that is needed to actually play. A golfer’s arsenal is usually composed of golf clubs, golf balls, tees, clothing, and other accessories. This equipment does not come cheap for some. In fact, golf clubs tend to be made of very expensive materials used in the aerospace and automotive industries. These materials make clubs lighter, more durable, and easier to swing. Golf balls too, are intricately designed and engineered with numerous dimples to travel far distances towards the green.

One of the things which normally cost a lot of money in the sport of golf is the golf clubs themselves. These tools are essential in the game because they are responsible for moving a player’s ball from point A to point B with minimal effort. Also, the less swings one has in the game of golf, the higher his or her score will be. With this purpose in mind, golf clubs can be quite pricey to the average golf enthusiast. Their composition of different materials for the purpose of making them lighter, more durable, and easier to swing makes them more expensive than other sporting equipment.

Some of these materials are indeed pricey due to their many applications in the aerospace and automotive industries. As such, those who are passionate about playing golf and want to play the game may have a difficult time affording a quality set of golf clubs to start out with. Fortunately however, there are many golf shops which sell discount golf clubs for those who want to get into the game of golf. These cheaper golf clubs are the perfect option because they are more affordable than the latest golf clubs in the market.

Someone who is only beginning to become interested in the game of golf and wants to avoid spending a large chunk of his or her earnings on a piece of equipment that he or she might not even continuously use, should consider purchasing discount golf clubs from golf shops. This will enable the novice golfer to get a feel for the game with affordable equipment, while feeling at ease that they have not had to spend a great deal of money. Furthermore, as he or she progresses and his or her interest in the sport grows, then he or she may eventually be able to shift from using discount golf clubs to more high-end golf clubs or even custom-made golf clubs such as those used in the professional circuit.

Discount golf clubs are indeed a wise choice for new players who are not entirely sure if the game of golf is for them or not. These clubs are not only widely available and found online like rockbottomgolf, but they also come at very affordable prices. Furthermore, these clubs usually are of good quality, and as such may even be a long lasting investment for the beginning golfer.

Along with this equipment, clothing may also tend to be a bit pricey considering most golf courses have a dress code and do not allow simple jeans and t-shirts to be worn by players. Having stated these reasons, golf is definitely a sport that requires a large initial investment in order to get started.

A Guide In Hiring The Best Motivational Speaker

Are you planning to hire a motivational speaker? Are you looking for the most effective one around, if not the best? However, if this is your first time doing that, you might not have an idea on how you can determine whether a particular speaker is good.Of course, you’d want to be as sure as possible when it comes to that. Well, it is a good thing that you’ve stumbled upon this article!

Motivational Speakers are very important nowadays. It’s like you are putting your business’ future in their hands. Why hire a motivational speaker? At times when you want to improve your business’ productivity and boost your employees’morale, you’ll need the help of these experts. You’ll also require their help in reinforcing the goals and objectives of your company. They are specially trained to empower and excite listeners. They create a direct impact on their audience while presenting effective and proven solutions that will help businesses become a success.

Good Speaker

How do they manage to achieve those things? They use different kinds of tactics, materials, and techniques to achieve their goals. Some will use their personal stories, hands-on exercises, case studies, games, and a lot more to effectively present real business content and involve every listener in the program, resulting in a successful presentation. They are indeed experts at enhancing their listeners’creative ideas and thinking process, which leads to improved ability to solve existing issues and manage future challenges. Simply put, the audience becomes confident and passionate in achieving their goals.

Below is a list of things that you need to consider in looking for the best motivational speaker around.

1. Insight

The speaker must have very good insight in order to deliver relevant messages effectively. One must have the power to create original and powerful content to be delivered to every audience listening, successfully connecting with them by personalizing programs, as well as giving relational and behavioral insights that they will need to become successful.

2. Impact

This is all about using visual tools to increase the effectiveness of the program or their business presentations. It’s important to fully engage with the audience. After all, if a speaker fails to keep people’s attention, then the message won’t be conveyed and the entire speaking event will be put to waste.

3. Sense of Humor

Humor positively affects the attention, comprehension, and motivation of the audience or listeners. If done in the right manner, it could even improve the ability of the audience to remember the ideas being shared. This is a must in programs, classes, meetings,etc. The use of original humor and funny stories that are on point is important to prevent boring out the audience. Besides, it also helps in providing the information in a memorable manner.

4. Trustworthy

Pick someone who is able to easily earn your trust. Keep in mind that you’re essentially going to put the future of your business (as well as its current profitability) in the hands of the speaker you’d choose.

5. Intelligence

Choosing a good speaker who is highly intelligent is a must. Pick someone who always does research before the time of the presentation, and has knowledge about all the details and factson the topic. Being able to deliver and answer every question smoothly will boost the audience’strust in the speaker.

5. Leadership

One must have great leadership skills in order to fully influence people. Managing both the emotions and expectations of the audience, and being able to be effective without making anyone feel negatively, are things that any good speaker is able to accomplish.

Now that you know what to look for in a speaker, it’s about time that you learn about the most important guidelines in hiring one.

1. Try to contact your chosen speaker’s office in advance, probably at least three months before the event.Speakers tend to travel a lot and have busy schedules.

2. Have a clear topic ready. If something is unclear, a good speaker can help you create a program that can please and amaze your audience.

3. Have all the fundamental details ready, such as the designated location of the program, the desired duration for the speech, and the date.

4. Give your speaker an idea of what he or she is about to face. Describe your expected audience, their strengths, weakness, job responsibilities, demographics, and their concerns.

5. Have your budget ready. Discuss all the expenses like transportation, lodging, and meals in relation to the structure of your agreement.

As you’ve learned, the best business motivational speaker has certain notable qualities. Still, whenever you are planning to hire one, you should always remember to check the reviews. It’s an excellent means of knowing whether the speaker can easily adapt to the content or materials, making them better suit the target listeners. Always connect with your chosen speaker.Tell him or her about your expectations for the program or presentation, and discuss what exactly you are hoping for. Lastly, if you are planning on putting an event, make sure that everything is perfectly in place (such as the seating arrangements).

The audience must be seated only around six feet away from the stage, being a little farther from the stage might affect the impact of the conversation. Book a conference room that has no obstacles between the speaker and the audience because the latter would be distracted looking around a column or a pole. Give the audience or attendees some breaks every hour and a half to ensure that they’re comfortable enough and are not getting bombarded with information. Remember, there must be no distraction while the presentation is ongoing so that the audience can totally focus on it.

Importance of Academic Awards: From Certificates to Recognition Pins

Let’s say you are a student. Your teacher gives you a science project that will demonstrate any bizarre natural phenomenon. The teacher then gives the instructions, the format of the paper, the requirements for a hypothesis, and so on. He also indicated that you should be able to demonstrate the natural phenomenon that you would document. Finally, he gives a deadline: one month from now. In thirty days, each and every one of you will be required to perform not only a paper but also the mechanism presented by your paper. After each presentation, he will give your evaluation.

award-pinThen, the awaited day arrives. You assemble a make-shift particle accelerator for your class presentation. You present the proper documentations. Then you move on to demonstrate the collision of particles and the traces of anti-matter registered at the cloud chamber. Your classmates were silenced in amazement. Then, your teacher, wearing what could’ve been an award-winning poker face, simply says that you “passed.”

All that effort, weeks of studying, days of assembly and a few minutes of electrical shock and the mere, monosyllabic response comes: “passed.” No certificates, or plaques or recognition pins or medals. Not even a word of amazement like “good job” or “nice work.”

If academic reward systems would be like that, there won’t be a lot of students around. If a single school is like that, they are bound to be bankrupt.

One basic driving force that allows us to learn is the reward. It can go in any form, from a simple pat in the head to certificates and recognition pins.

Certain behaviors are actually learned because they were rewarded. That pleasurable feeling of praise or a piece of card that says “great work” instinctively tells us to maintain that specific response or that particular action that we made. Behaviorist may call this “positive reinforcement,” the act of introducing something nice or stimulating in order to reinforce the behavior, thus increasing the chance of it being repeated when presented with the same or similar stimuli or faced with the same situation.

Recognition PinsThis concept goes even deeper, even at levels without people realizing it. People tend to return to the same restaurant or order the same food again whenever they have a pleasurable experience in the said establishment. People select which companies to keep based on how interesting or significant to them the previous interaction was. It shows the importance of not only the idea of rewards but also the significance of making that initial impression; that pairing of an effect with a particular stimuli or situation.

Moving on to the realm of the younger ones will show how important the concept it, from their formative years to adolescence and beyond. Toddlers are potty-trained by praising them or giving them rewards whenever they eliminate in the toilet. Kindergarten students learn how to write or read by giving small award such as a stamped star whenever they pronounce a written word properly. Kids in grade school are encouraged to maintain high grades with a combination of praises and being recognized as a good example among their peers. Later in life, high school students perform better in their academics when given incentives like medals and recognition pins. This does not only acknowledges their efforts and skills but also creates a friendly competition with their peers in an attempt to gain such distinction. Thus, it is not enough to say that their efforts will simply benefit them, it is better to acknowledge their achievement as a stepping stone in contributing to the society by handing them an incentive such as recognition pins.